Authors of the Impossible Pitch Piece

Authors of the Impossible Pitch Piece

In Authors of the Impossible, historian of comparative religion Jeff Kripal traces the history of psychical phenomena through four extraordinary thinkers: the British psychical researcher Frederic Myers, the American anomalist writer and humorist Charles Fort, the astronomer, computer scientist, and ufologist Jacques Vallee, and the French philosopher Bertrand Méheust.  Authors of the Impossible makes the bold assertion that many of the anomalous events denied and discarded by today’s rationalistic mindset are, in fact, real. The paranormal is an event that involves both a subjective or mental state and an objective or physical state, and is, it turns out, as much about meaning as matter. And we—not as surface egos, but as some still mysterious force of consciousness—are its final authors. Ultimately, Authors of the Impossible is about us—you and me—waking up inside a dream, a novel, or a movie (call it culture, society, or religion) and realizing, with a start, that we are its authors, that none of it is real (to the extent that it pretends to be literal, stable, and absolute), and that all of it is real (to the extent that it reflects and expresses the Consciousness that projected it). What the film is finally about, then, is us becoming our own Authors of the Impossible.