Other Plans

When I was a teenager in the late 1970s, my father helped start a new Methodist church. We’d just moved to the north side of Houston, where he had reconnected with the former youth minister at our previous church who was building a congregation of his own. The nascent services were held in the cafeteria … Continue reading Other Plans

Deep Soul Writing

Amazon’s algorithm recently served up a book up to me by Janet Connor called Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within. In it, Connor advocates for a particular type of journaling that she stumbled upon by accident while struggling to get through a nasty divorce. As she poured … Continue reading Deep Soul Writing

Rediscovering Wonder

Our understanding of the nature of consciousness is far from complete. Conventional wisdom says our brains generate consciousness, that the matter of our brains, the billions of neurons firing off moment to moment are the mechanism by which we think what we think and by which we are who we are. This mechanistic, materialist way … Continue reading Rediscovering Wonder

Notes of a Staff Speechwriter for the Trump Campaign on the Eve of the Election

No one here knows my real name. I move among them like a phantom, speaking only through him. He is up there yet again, waving his absurd gyan mudra, conducting his rabid tribe, in another song of sorrow. The many camera lenses are drawn like moths to his strange, orange glow. His words, a few … Continue reading Notes of a Staff Speechwriter for the Trump Campaign on the Eve of the Election


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